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Why is my accelerometer not spot on?

The iPhone accelerometer is extremely sensitive, so we have to filter through a lot of bad data or "noise". However, road conditions are unpredictable. If you hit a bump or swerved to dodge a pothole, the accelerometer data will be slightly off. Driver behavior could also throw us off, lots of hard and sudden acceleration and decelerations could result in inaccurate readings. On smooth roads and normal driving, it's quite accurate.

Why do the cars sound the same?

They don't, next question.

Why does the audio quality from my iPhone not sound like a supercar!?

The iPhone speaker, although much improved from the original 2007 device, is still tiny. The entire phone fits inside a GT-R tailpipe! We cannot bend the laws of physics. Connect the iPhone or iPod Touch to your aux-in, crank up the volume for best results. Your passengers can always use headphones.

What's coming in future versions of Instant Supercar?

More cars, enhanced audio tuning, improved accelerometer detection, and interface enhancements. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@InstantSupercar) for the latest information.

The shift points of 20 mph are not realistic, I want to match shift revs with a Corvette! Why can't I?

A Corvette Z06 can hit the top speed of a Honda Civic in 2nd gear, if we made the shifts realistic, the app would be quite boring for law-abiding drivers.

Can I use this app, while I drive wearing noise canceling over-the-ear headphones and go very fast?

Absolutely not. That is very reckless behavior.

Can this app be considered a "mod" for my car?

If a front wheel drive Civic needs a big rear wing for downforce, and stickers make cars feel faster.... then yes, this is a mod.

What is the most ideal way to use this app to impress girls?

(nobody actually asked this... but I'll answer it anyways)
Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your car's auxiliary audio in, turn iPhone volume to max, turn car volume to max. Have a bass setting? use it.
Step 2. Put on your best threads and shades. People will stare.
Step 3. Turn on Airplane Mode. Getting a call or text will interrupt your engine.
Step 4. Roll down all windows.
Step 5. Roll down 5th Ave, Ocean Drive, Rodeo Drive, or other popular destinations.

Can you add my car to the app?

Yes, please email us at [email protected]